Streaming services


We offer advanced streaming services, aimed at stations with a limited budget. Our goal is to make Internet streaming as easy, stable and affordable as possible. Read on to see how we achieve theses goals.

Get your station online easily

Contrarily to most streaming providers, we do not simply give you connection information, and let you setup everything. Instead, we send you all you need, including the hardware required. That way, once you receive your streaming system, the installation can be done in less then 15 minutes.

Know your listeners

Don’t you wish you knew all your listeners ? And how many people are actually listening ? Our streaming service provides a rich interface giving you all the information you require, including Country, ISP and City where your listeners are located. All the listening history is available, with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Be heard by everyone, everywhere

Our streaming services are using the world’s most popular audio format, the Mp3. That means that your online radio can be heard by everyone, using all media players, on all platforms. That also means that it is possible to use Flash-based and HTML5 players, allowing your station to have your own custom player, directly on your website.

Affordable and flexible pricing

We offer different pricing options, for all radio sizes. Whatever your needs, our prices will not break your budget. Our services also includes a wide range of extras, which are all included in your monthly fee, including a flash-based and HTML5 mp3 player, and technical support.